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Data Fields
space Struct Reference

#include <space.h>

Data Fields

double dim [3]
double origin [3]
int cdim [3]
double h [3]
double ih [3]
double cutoff
double cutoff2
unsigned int period
int nr_cells
int * cid_real
int * cid_ghost
int * cid_marked
int nr_real
int nr_ghost
int nr_marked
struct cellcells
int nr_pairs
struct cellpairpairs
int next_pair
struct celltupletuples
int nr_tuples
int next_tuple
int next_cell
pthread_mutex_t cellpairs_mutex
lock_type cellpairs_spinlock
pthread_cond_t cellpairs_avail
char * cells_taboo
char * cells_owner
struct fifo dispatch_out
int nr_swaps
int nr_stalls
struct part ** partlist
struct cell ** celllist
int nr_parts
int size_parts
struct verlet_entryverlet_list
FPTYPE * verlet_oldx
FPTYPE verlet_maxdx
int * verlet_nrpairs
int verlet_size
int verlet_next
int verlet_rebuild
pthread_mutex_t verlet_force_mutex
double epot

Detailed Description

The space structure

Field Documentation

int cdim[3]

Space dimension in cells.

struct cell** celllist

Array of pointers to the cell of individual parts, sorted by their ID.

pthread_cond_t cellpairs_avail

Condition to wait for free cells on.

pthread_mutex_t cellpairs_mutex

Mutex for accessing the cell pairs.

Spin-lock for accessing the cell pairs.

struct cell* cells

Array of cells spanning the space.

char* cells_owner

Id of runner owning each cell.

char* cells_taboo

Taboo-list for collision avoidance

int * cid_ghost
int * cid_marked
int* cid_real

IDs of real, ghost and marked cells.

double cutoff

The cutoff and the cutoff squared.

double cutoff2
double dim[3]

Real dimensions.

Output fifo for dispatch mode.

double epot

Potential energy collected by the space itself.

double h[3]

Cell edge lengths and their inverse.

double ih[3]
int next_cell
int next_pair

Id of the next unprocessed pair (for space_getpair)

The ID of the next free tuple or cell.

int nr_cells

Total nr of cells in this space.

int nr_ghost
int nr_marked
int nr_pairs

The total number of cell pairs.

int nr_parts

Number of parts in this space and size of the buffers partlist and celllist.

int nr_real
int nr_stalls
int nr_swaps

Counter for the number of swaps in every step.

int nr_tuples

The number of tuples.

double origin[3]

Location of origin.

struct cellpair* pairs

Array of cell pairs.

struct part** partlist

Array of pointers to the individual parts, sorted by their ID.

unsigned int period


struct celltuple* tuples

Array of cell tuples.

pthread_mutex_t verlet_force_mutex

Data for the verlet list.

FPTYPE verlet_maxdx
FPTYPE* verlet_oldx

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