mdcore  0.1.5
Data Fields
cell Struct Reference

#include <cell.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int flags
int id
int loc [3]
double origin [3]
double dim [3]
int size
int count
struct partparts
double epot
struct partincomming
int incomming_size
int incomming_count
pthread_mutex_t cell_mutex
pthread_cond_t cell_cond
FPTYPE * oldx
int oldx_size
int nodeID
unsigned int * sortlist
char sorted [13]

Field Documentation

pthread_cond_t cell_cond
pthread_mutex_t cell_mutex
int count
double dim[3]
double epot
unsigned int flags
int id
struct part* incomming
int loc[3]
int nodeID
FPTYPE* oldx
int oldx_size
double origin[3]
struct part* parts
int size
char sorted[13]
unsigned int* sortlist

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