mdcore  0.1.5
Data Fields
engine Struct Reference

#include <engine.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int flags
struct space s
int time
double dt
int max_type
int nr_types
struct part_typetypes
struct potential ** p
struct potential ** p_bond
struct potential ** p_angle
struct potential ** p_dihedral
struct potentialep
pthread_mutex_t barrier_mutex
pthread_cond_t barrier_cond
pthread_cond_t done_cond
int barrier_count
int nr_runners
struct runnerrunners
struct queuequeues
int nr_queues
int nodeID
int nr_nodes
struct engine_commsend
struct engine_commrecv
struct bondbonds
int nr_bonds
int bonds_size
struct exclusionexclusions
int nr_exclusions
int exclusions_size
struct rigidrigids
int * part2rigid
int nr_rigids
int rigids_size
int nr_constr
int rigids_local
int rigids_semilocal
double tol_rigid
struct angleangles
int nr_angles
int angles_size
int nr_anglepots
int anglepots_size
struct dihedraldihedrals
int nr_dihedrals
int dihedrals_size
int nr_dihedralpots
int dihedralpots_size
ticks timers [engine_timer_last]
struct engine_setsets
int nr_sets

Detailed Description

The engine structure.

Field Documentation

struct angle* angles

List of angles.

pthread_cond_t barrier_cond
pthread_mutex_t barrier_mutex

Mutexes, conditions and counters for the barrier

struct bond* bonds

List of bonds.

List of dihedrals.

pthread_cond_t done_cond
double dt
struct potential* ep

The explicit electrostatic potential.

List of exclusions.

unsigned int flags

Some flags controlling how this engine works.

int max_type

What is the maximum nr of types?

int nodeID

The ID of the computational node we are on.

int nr_angles

Nr. of angles.

int nr_bonds

Nr. of bonds.

int nr_constr

Nr. of dihedrals.

Nr. of exclusions.

int nr_nodes
int nr_queues
int nr_rigids

Nr. of rigids.

Nr of runners

int nr_sets
int nr_types
struct potential** p

The interaction matrix

struct potential ** p_angle
struct potential ** p_bond
struct potential ** p_dihedral
int* part2rigid

List linking parts to rigids.

struct queue* queues

The queues for the runners.

struct engine_comm * recv
struct rigid* rigids

List of rigid bodies.

struct runner* runners

The runners

struct space s

The space on which to work

struct engine_comm* send

Lists of cells to exchange with other nodes.

struct engine_set* sets

Bonded sets.

int time

Time variables

The Comm object for mpi. Pointers to device data for CUDA. Timers.

double tol_rigid

Rigid solver tolerance.

struct part_type* types

The particle types.

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